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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 4, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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massachusetts and there were screams and minnesota taking exposed to the virus kudos from the kids. a delegate lead. already u.s. airlines are waiving ticket >> just put a big smile on my face and p p i don't do the fake p ones. change and it just makes me so cancellation fees and suspending certain happy. we are very much alive! international flights. >> the thought that he >> reporter: his fiery japanese airlines cutting back on flights and today can do it is absolutely crazy. >> reporter: the daddy p speech momentarily germany lufthans interrupted when protesters rushed the announced it's grounding 20% of its bolts, something worth stage, even his wife planes flipping for though, health experts kevin tibbles, nbc news. jill biden stepping in urge u.s. travelers not to overreact. and the democratic >> see, doesn't it feel good to smile primary a two-person >> travel across the that's "nightly race while sanders didn't have the strong united states, i news" for this breaking news night he was looking wouldn't cancel any of wednesday. i'm lester holt. tonight, the new for, he did win three my plans. coronavirus scare at >> reporter: airlines clean their planes at lax. an airport medical night using for all of us, thank screener testing states and is leading disinfectant but the you for watching and good night in the biggest, positive were travelers california. >> we're going to win the democratic nomination. exposed. california cdc said today the reporting the first death, a state of >> reporter: today, virus can live on emergency declared in sanders sharpening his surfaces inside the plane for up to 24 los angeles county attacks on biden. hours, all the more a new warning from >> joe is going to have to explain that health officials avoid hand shacks and hugs. reason say experts t bring your own release of the new sanitary wipes, wipe down the tray tables and armrests. james bond movie to the american people delayed but for months growing concerns about why he voted for a wall street bail yut lester >> important movie theaters, something i vigorously information there. tom, thank you concerts and sporting events, also the major hollywood feeling the impact of the airline slashing opposed.>> reporter: releasing coronavirus. flights inside the u.s. and shortage the release of the new right now at 6:00, he put fears. inside a top american james bond movie has himself up on facebook live hospital's emergency stockpile. this ad blasting his been pushed back a concerns grow over public gathering while running from police. how long would it views on social places the new video and details on the last security also tonight, the stunning turn in the ups worker accused of race for president joe fryer has that. >> reporter: like a >> when i said freeze bond villain, threatening violence at work. the democratic primary coronavirus pushed the plus still in the race. looking more like a release of the next
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two-man race, biden versus sanders bernie sanders and joe biden entitlements, i meant biden surging mounting social security, as well >> reporter: all eyes sute can win the democratic on the other 007 film "no time to progressive senator in the race elizabeth die" from april to november nomination. so what's next for the a historic turnaround on super tuesday warren assessing her the first major movie democratic contenders? sanders leading in the campaign after a disappointing night. shifting its rollout because of the biggest prize, >> i put something out outbreak. but first, california's california this morning, really a spoiler. >> i think we have to the new shakeup. >> reporter: biden prioritize people's first death, it's a man who michael bloomberg telling nbc's savannah guthrie. safety over the movie dropping out and >> one thing the coming out. contracted the coronavirus on a endorsing biden. president doesn't want to do from the >> reporter: from cruise that took off from san beginning is face me movies to music francisco. can his support and because i will beat him. festivals, questions period. are swirling around his money help put biden over the top. >> reporter: kristen welker, nbc news, los large public events. the news at 6:00 starts right the desperate angeles. search in the >> reporter: this is now. good evening, thanks for joining tennessee tornado andrea mitchell in new in texas, major companies like twitter us. york where former and facebook pulled i'm janelle wang in for raj disaster mayor and billionaire out of the south by mathai. mike bloomberg's southwest festival, which starts in nine >> and i'm jessica aguirre. at least 24 killed campaign is over but days not his pledge to austin's mayor says governor newsom declaring a the heroes who raced to the rescue. defeat donald trump by backing joe biden. health officials will state of emergency for the ultimately recommend entire state of california. >> we pretty much just >> i hope you will if the show should go on. >> one of the biggest join me in working to >> at this point, coronavirus concerns right now, pulled the wall apart make him the next a cruise ship with sick and then helped them president of the united states of there's no evidence out. america. passengers aboard heading back >> and what we're >> reporter: he and to suggest tha to san francisco. learning about the biden talked this now california now the third victims. morning with bloomberg cancelling south by state to declare a state of many of them children offering his help. southwest makes the as young as 2. community safer. >> reporter: in miami, emergency with 53 confirmed alex trebek's emotional new message to fans. >> i see mike just goty and say cases. the move comes after a our affiliate wtvj the milestone in his 71-year-old man died in placer battle with cancer putting somebody into reports the ultra county. the first case in california, biden's campaign and the first person to die. >> announcer: this is we'll see what music festival is he had multiple underlying happens. "nbc nightly news" i don't think that's conditions and was on that with lester holt going to have an impact. postponed and basketball squads cruise ship. good evening, everyone >> reporter: bloomberg canceled games and meanwhile, three new cases of we'll get to the big travel this week political earthquake in the race for the virus have been confirmed in president. cannot legally donate but the ncaa march santa clara county. the governor spoke within the madness is still going past hour abo the state's more than $2,800 to on as planned. joe biden now th biden but start a >> for the person that's worried do i go response to super pac and provide to the big concert or go to a big sporting >> i want to just acknowledge boots on the ground and help biden's that with 53 tested cases
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undisputed front-runner as yet online fundraising. event, is there good advice to give them? another opponent drops >> sorry we didn't win >> it's a personal decision out but first new we don't have the positive, this is no longer alarm bells ringing tonight in the coronavirus outbreak but it is still the isolated and just one part of best day of my wife scientific basis to in this country. and tomorrow's going tell you what the probabilities are at our state. this is broadly shared as a more confirmed cases in new york and los to be even better. this point >> reporter: angeles where an >> reporter: he proved coronavirus can spread burden and responsibility up and airport worker money alone can't within six feet of deliver votes having people and before down the state. >> the governor says the on the front lines of someone shows symptoms. emergency declaration not only stopping the virus' spent nearly $500 means more money for the spread has been infektded. million on ads and officials there winning no states getting only 24 joe fryer, nbc news. cautioninginteract delegates so far at a we'll be right back in 60 seconds with others going cost of $18.5 million with an inside look at forward. per delegate one major medical while in the hardest hit area near seattle, bloomberg first got center planning for a a sobering warning to into the race because possible coronavirus pandemic those over the age of he felt biden couldn't 60 win but after biden's what they are worried we start with miguel landslide in south about and the question almaguer. carolina followed by is your hospital ready? >> reporter: tonight in los angeles, a local emergency as six amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg dropping out, he believes biden new coronavirus cases has the best chance of anyone of beating have been confirmed president trump. and now a startling lester >> thank you. warning shaking the there is more on region of 10 million people. the coronavirus. >> use verbal strong new ripple effects today. united airlines announcing big cuts in the schedules as families plan for spring break and summer vacations and salutations in place other airlines taking of handshakes and hugs action, as well. and keep six feet between you and other tom costello has more. people you don't know at large events. >> reporter: for the >> reporter: among those infected in l.a. travel industry, the coronavirus has been a a federal contract body blow. employee brought in cruise ships last month to help
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screen international quarantine travelers at lax who may have exposed meetings and passengers while conferences called off and study abroad working without programs and school symptoms three others also sick trips cancelled. with demand dropping, travelled to italy united airlines announcing while growing outbreak has killed more than unprecedented deep 100 shuttering all cuts to its schedule 10% of domestic flights and 20% of international flights will be cut in april schools through mid-march. here at home, growing and probably also in concern the virus could quickly impact may as it parks planes vulnerable homeless fewer planes means populations in cities across the country fewer seats. the 11th fatality with airline stocks in announced today. the first in deep decline, united california than 150 cases in a growing number of now says it's offering states. unpaid leave to employees. >> it's a little at the white house shocking because like today, airline ceos it's hitting close to home. >> reporter: it comes conveyed their concern. >> this is a tim as authorities in the unprecedented in our history that we need nation's largest cit to be absolutely understanding of with the coronavirus spreading people's travel plans. in the u.s. there are track a new cluster of illnesses. growing concerns about potential shortages of a new york city lawyer >> i think where these life-saving drugs and people are flying, medical equipment. is hospitalized, his it's safe to fly and stephanie gosk went daughter, wife and son tested positive. large portions of world, very safe to a family friend he fly. spent time with is >> reporter: the largest flight attendant's union is calling for hand sanitizers on planes inside the stockpile for a hospital to find also positive as are his wife and three out how long it would children last. >> reporter: the officials also announcing the warehouse is miles neighbor who drove the from the hospita lawyer to the hospital has the virus. in an undisclosed the neighbor's children are being location. >> it's important to tested keep the location the governor says no under wraps. >> reporter: boston's need to panic. >> we're dealing with a coronavirus epidemic
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we have a bigger mass general has been getting ready for a pandemic for years. problem, which is a >> most of the equipment, gloves and fear pandemic. gowns. >> reporter: this and the anxiety here emergency cache of supplies as impressive as it may seem is only a stopgap. is outpacing the reality of the >> the goal is a two-week buffer. situation. >> reporter: two >> reporter: but a weeks? >> two weeks. different message near >> reporter: that's seattle where many of not a lot of time. the deaths are connected to this nursing home >> it's no officials are now a lot of time. urging anyone over 60, >> we're working closely with the state people with underlying public health partners. >> reporter: mass general activated the health issues and emergency operation pregnant women to stay plan weeks ago. >> this no question is home, if possible. the hardest part of tonight a fine line surge planning, not more patients but more balancing caution and patients that need fear specialized equipment in specialized space. >> reporter: the n-95 masks are low but doctors say the virus is spread through droplets when someone that isn't the only concern. coughs or sneezes. in a worst-case scenario, they may need more ventilators. >> we also do have the reason behind strategies in place to use ventilators in very unusual ways like that six feet of putting two people on one ventilator. distance but >> reporter: do you implementing that in a city like this one worry about drugs, pharmaceuticals? will be difficult. >> i absolutely worry >> miguel almaguer, thank you. about drugs. tonight the reset button has been >> reporter: last week, the fda pushed announced the firs known drug shortage because of coronavirus. joe biden now the much of the drug indisputed front-runner after a supply is in china are there categories
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big super tuesday and another opponent drops out to support him kristen welker joins us of drug you have your even biden couldn't wo person race after joe biden's epic comeback. eyes focused on? >> i think the antibiotics. >> reporter: the stuff we use every day. >> every day. >> reporter: looking still right behind him but biden is g ahead, dr. paul biddinger has a billionaire michael bloomberg. message. >> we have to all come tonight joe biden savoring his surprising super tuesday surge going together as a society. after bernie sanders' assertion his win was if everyone comes to the medical system for a victory for the evaluation with mild symptoms, it establishment. overwhelms the medical is this the system. >> reporter: even at establishment trying one of the top hospitals in the country. stephanie gosk, nbc news, boston. to defeat bernie sanders, mr. vice let's turn to president? >> the establishment tennessee and the catastrophic tornados are all those hard that killed dozens as working middle class they ripped through people >> reporter: biden also getting a boost the nashville area from billionaire michael bloomberg. one sweeping over 50 miles. tonight a few are unaccounted for. catie beck is there. >> beating donal >> reporter: heart trump starts with broken communities are grappling with uniting behind the candidate with the best shot to do it after yesterday's vote is clear that the aftermath of candidate is my friend and a great american tennessee tornados homes destroyed and joe biden. debris for miles now the heavy lifting. as residents return to the mess mother nature left behind. >> just the fact that we're breathing and we walked out from that is ridiculous to me.
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>> reporter: hunter briley made it to the basement with his wife and dogs seconds before his house caved in his new truck thrown across his property. >> an 8,000-pound truck picked up like a toy. >> reporter: like so many others, he returned to nothing. >> yeah. just to have, i mean, a local restaurant gave us t-shirts to wear because we didn't have any more. >> reporter: 24 people were killed. at least four of them under the age of 10, including 2-year-old sawyer with her parents. one friend today saying they're all in heaven today kyle was killed in his home his daughter said he died saving his girlfriend michael and aubrey were heading home after a night out. >> two of my friends died last night. we are strong, and we are rallying for our people. >> reporter: that strength in full force across tennessee where volunteers and first responders are
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pitching in, including reserve sergeant andrew farner who spoke with sam brock today. >> the house was on top of him. >> reporter: minutes after a tornado touched down on his street, he rushed to help at least six people injured or trapped nearby today he's still out here and still helping. >> that's just in my dna but this is my neighborhood these are my people. when we take the oath and put on that uniform, that's what that means. >> reporter: this house has been in lisa's family for 50 years. she's now scouring her childhood home for any keepsakes. >> it's hard my mom and my daddy and just lots of memories. >> reporter: she lost her mother five years ago but today says she found her again in this old photo face down under the refrigerator. >> i picked it up. i'm like there you are. >> reporter: what do you think it means >> he's here she's with us. >> reporter: shared moments of grief and gratitude in a community with a common cause. >> a lot of strength
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and determination on display there tonight. an emotional update this evening from alex trebek about his battle with pancreatic cancer. in a video the "jeopardy" host said he's gradeful to hav beaten the odds and reach the one-year mark but it's been a struggle. >> i joked with friends that the cancer won't kill me, the chemo treatments will because so many of us are involved in this same situation, if we take it just one day at a time with a positive attitude, anything is possible. >> our continued best wishes to alex trebek. coming up, why would anyone have to wait six hours standing in line just to vote? behind the big deals on super tuesday
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there is frustration and anger tonight among some voters if the two biggest super tuesday states nbc's cynthia mcfadden why many had to wait hours before casting ballots. >> reporter: this seemingly endless line in los angeles last night wasn't for the latest blockbuster these people were waiting to vote. hours and hours and hours of waiting all over los angeles county, voters had a particularly tough time casting their ballots. >> folks at the front of this line here have been here two and a half hours now. >> reporter: so did thousands of people in texas. >> we've been sitting out here for five hours. >> this must be what voter suppression looks like. >> reporter: both houston and l.a. made the same change this year going from neighborhood polling
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stations to super vote centers, designed to make voting easier texas, over 350 polling places were eliminated in l.a. county, a whopping 3,500 gone. >> if you don't put the new vote centers in the right location and if you misjudge the traffic you're going to have, you overtax your staff and you can just have a real mess. >> reporter: and there is more. troubles with l.a. county's brand-new voting machines that had cost taxpayers $300 million >> there are only five voting stations in there. three of them are working, one has been out of commission for four days. the other one had a paper jam. >> reporter: despite warnings that the system had problems, the machines were rolled out for the primary. the l.a. county supervisor is calling for an investigation everybody agrees about one thing. whatever your politics, it shouldn't be this hard to vote not in america cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york
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up next, the cheerleading dads bringing it on for their daughters.
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yeah, there's been a lot of tough news out there and i thought we could use a reason to cheer and you're about to meet a group of dads going to the mat, really going to the mat to cheer on their daughters. kevin tibbles explains. >> reporter: meet the dancing, prancing dads of south jersey. the daddy bolt busting a few moves to
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support and encourage their daughters. cheerleaders with the local chargers club. >> we just, you know, are doing everything we can to show them that we want to be involved in their lives. >> reporter: so when asked to strut their stuff in front of a packed gymnasium, the fellows had no idea what was in store. >> we are sweating, huffing and puffing. there's adrenaline pumping. >> reporter: after all, there wasn't a gymnast in the bunch. >> we have police officers, firefighters, military. >> reporter: after six practices, the flying fathers weren't fooling around this was going to be a real routine. >> when they seen we was actually doing it,to shake,
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